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In 1986 Boris, Uwe and Dave discovered their common interest in synthesizers and met for a little session. After spending some hours playing by ear they decided to make some meetings. Only 2 months later they where invited to the "4th Berliner Elektroniknacht". Listening some of the recorded sessions Boris, Uwe and Dave finalized her "live performance" for the concert. Let me remark here, that they didn't use any computers at this time. All songs were live performed, only two CV-triggered devices were used for sequences and some part of the drums. The concert was a great success even if they played as 5th "band", when 50% of the visitors already went home (should i comment the reason was a band before....?). 40 MC's (titled "Neodym"), produced right the days before the concert, were sold out !! wow !

After this, Dave leaved Yttrium for other musical projects. Boris and Uwe continued some time, remixed "Mora" for a LP-Track in 1988, composed a title (Neutrino) for an electronic music sampler in 1990 ("Berliner Elektroniknacht CD") and had some small gig's.

Because of family and job, they never found time again to make a session. Yttrium splits again an Boris now holds the name "Yttrium". He composed some titles, one with vocals from Thomas (N.M.E.) but never published them elswhere.

Dave passed some bands (Solaris, Twilight Network, ..) before his music-style changed. Guitar, Bass and Drums now are his favorite instruments and currently he is known as "Sula Bassana" (take a look on his site HERE).

concerts: 4.Berliner Elektroniknacht, 10.Berliner Elektroniknacht, Synthesizer-Festival Berlin

publications: MC "Neodym" (1986), LP "10.Berliner Elektroniknacht" (1988), CD "Berliner Elektronik-Sampler '90" (1990)

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